Location: The Mill Dam near the Faust St. Bridge in New Braunfels, Texas.

This dam was built in 1921 to divert the Guadalupe River to the hydro-generator house (opposite side) and provide power to the New Braunfels Textile Mill when it was first built.

Textile Mill Dam

Textile Mill Dam under construction in 1921. Source: Sophienburg Museum

Read more about the history here at the Sophienburg Museum Blog.

It now provides a small beach area on the west side of the river just right under the Faust St Bridge (which is one of the best kept secrets in New Braunfels). It’s a nice quiet place to hang out, fish and have a few cool beers.

During high water flows this dam can be a very dangerous spot for anyone not used to the currents caused by even the smallest waterfalls. Despite it’s beauty it has a pretty bad history of taking the lives of tubers and swimmers.

Believe it or not I took this with my Galaxy S5. Most smartphone cameras take great pics outside where you have plenty of light.

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